7 Must-Have Features for a Supplement Store

Be honest, are you running your supplement store with the ideal POS system? Given the unique nature of supplement stores, having a specialized POS system is crucial to support your business's success. Optimize operations and foster business growth, read on for the seven must-have features for a supplement store POS system.

1. Automatic refills

In the fast-paced world of supplement stores, where customers frequently purchase the same products to support their health goals, having a robust supplement store POS system becomes crucial. One essential feature such a system should offer is seamless support for on-the-fly subscriptions.

Imagine a scenario where a cashier can effortlessly set up a recurring subscription with just a few clicks. This subscription would be based on the customer's desired refill frequency. The system would then automatically process the payment with the customer's credit card. When it's time for a refill, the customer would be presented with the convenient options of either picking it up in-store or shipping it to their preferred location. By implementing this effortless subscription process, you can effortlessly transform one-time customers into loyal, repeat customers.

To further drive customers to utilize this feature, consider offering small discounts as an additional perk for signing up for the subscription. For instance, you could provide a 5% discount exclusively for subscription users. This encourages customer engagement and helps establish a strong foundation for long-term customer loyalty.

2. All-in-one Payments

In the competitive landscape of supplement stores, having a POS system that can accept a wide range of payment options is essential. Being flexible in accepting different forms of payment enables you to cater to a more extensive customer base. However, what truly sets apart a top-notch POS system is its adaptability to various payment scenarios.

Consider the convenience of accepting payments on-the-go, such as during convention centers or other off-site events. A reliable POS system should empower you to conduct transactions seamlessly in such situations, ensuring you take advantage of potential sales opportunities.

Furthermore, building upon the earlier subscription feature, another need-to-have is the ability to store customers' card information securely. By compliantly and safely storing their card details, you can charge customers for purchases made in advance, simplifying their experience and promoting convenience.

Investing in a POS system that offers these features enhances payment flexibility, expands your customer reach, and streamlines transaction processes—not to mention it makes it simple to set up future, recurring sales. This, in turn, enables your supplement store to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

3. Inventory Management

Managing and tracking stock manually for a supplement store can be an overwhelming task without the right tools. Ensuring that your products are readily available during a customer visit and efficiently managing inventory becomes crucial, particularly considering the need to monitor expiry dates. This becomes even more important if you’re tracking inventory across multiple locations.

To tackle these challenges effectively, investing in a robust POS system with comprehensive inventory management capabilities is imperative. When seeking a reliable inventory management system for your supplement store, consider the following essential features:

  • Being able to assign refill frequencies to products
  • Saving bulk items via weight
  • Setting expiration dates
  • Tracking fractional quantities and prices
  • Unlimited database of items and SKUs
  • The flexible and customizable inventory interface
  • Access to inventory management with any device

4. Ease of Use

A feature-filled POS system is only beneficial if you know how to use it, and in that regard, the importance of a powerful, yet easy-to use POS system is critical. When selecting a POS system, ensure it can be accessed from any web-connected device, providing you with a high degree of flexibility.

Moreover, an outstanding POS system should enable the seamless onboarding of new employees, enabling them to understand the software quickly. Lastly, as the owner of a supplement store, it should be effortless for you to customize employee access to specific features.

Pro tip: A fundamental aspect of any POS system is the ability to assign feature availability based on user accounts rather than specific devices used.

5. Sell Online with Integrated E-commerce

The ability to sell online has is no longer a nice-to-have, but a critical component of being a small business retailer, particularly in the health and wellness industry. It is crucial to have e-commerce features that seamlessly align with your brick-and-mortar store. When a customer makes an online purchase, the transaction should be seamlessly linked to your physical store, ensuring that stock levels remain consistent across both platforms.

A robust e-commerce feature set should simplify providing fulfillment options beyond traditional shipping methods. Opting for alternative fulfillment options can result in better profit margins by eliminating the need for shipping. Therefore, it is essential to include must-have features such as BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store), reserve and pay in-store, and buy and return in-store. By offering flexible options, you can enhance customer satisfaction and store owner convenience, benefiting both sides of the transaction.

6. Price Levels

Catering to diverse customer segments, such as seniors and loyalty members, brings in the potential for offering specific discounts based on their accounts. Introducing price levels into your POS system can effectively address this requirement.

By seamlessly assigning price levels to designated accounts, you can easily apply customer-specific discounts. Automation of this feature not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes the risk of human error. Price levels within your supplement store POS empower you to provide personalized support while streamlining operations.

7. 24/7 Access

Another modern, must- have feature in your POS system is round-the-clock accessibility. As a store owner, you may hesitate to take time off for fear of being away from your business.

However, with 24/7 access to your POS system, you can experience peace of mind even when you're away from the physical store. Your POS should empower you to manage your store and staff seamlessly, regardless of location, as long as you have an internet connection. This includes checking real-time sales data, monitoring orders, and managing inventory, allowing you to ensure smooth operations while enabling you to focus on other tasks and responsibilities.

Ensuring the Best POS System for Your Supplement Store

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