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You Fuel Healthy Bodies, We Fuel Health Businesses

An all-in-one POS system supporting the vitality of local health and nutrition stores.

24/7 Peace Of Mind

Work From Anywhere

You need to run your business wherever you are. Unlike other tools, you can use all of the features of VitaHealth POS from any device, anywhere, 24/7.

Always Be In Control

Be able to truly step away with fully customizable security settings for better control of your staff, wherever they work.

Never Lose Your Data Again

Sleep easier at night. No more hardware failure or downtime due to disaster or theft.

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Increase Repeat Sales With 2-Clicks

Unlock True Customer Loyalty

Forget about giving discounts for future potential sales. VitaHealth POS is the only all-in-one retail management system that lets you save credit cards securely to charge for future committed sales during in-store checkout.

Grow No-Effort Revenue

Our exclusive POS-based "Subscribe & Save" feature automatically creates refill orders and saves credit card information securely to make recurring orders part of your revenue.

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Inventory Management

One Product Catalog

Enter product details once and we'll do the rest. Stock levels update live as you sell in-store or online.

Multiple Product Variants

Easily group associated products together with product variants. Our matrix generator lets you combine or split customizable options to offer colors, sizes and more.

Built-For-Health Inventory Fields

We are the only POS with inventory refill frequency settings designed specifically for vitamin, supplement and nutrition stores.

Easily Sell Online

Get Online Quickly

Our easy, online setup means you can start selling in minutes. Manage and fulfill online orders right from your store POS.

Offer Pickup, Delivery or Shipping

Offer whatever delivery method works best for your business. Customize everything from your shipping options and store pickup times, to your local delivery area.

Marketing Made Easy

Automated emails and integrations to Facebook and Google Ads are just a few of the ways we simplify your marketing to ensure customers find their way to your business.

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Ease of Use With Any Device

Easy to Onboard, Easy to Use

VitaHealth POS is designed to work the same across all devices and is so easy to use, staff can be trained just once, often in under 30 minutes!

In-House Retail Experts

In addition to built-in support, our team is available to provide tailored onboarding plans with 1-on-1 remote assistance with a real, live North American technician.

Automatic Customer Discounts

Preset Discounts for Customer Groups

Set up various customer groups (e.g., VIP Members) so that they receive instant discounts during checkout. Ensure your loyal shoppers get what they deserve without a second thought.

Limit Discounts

Set discount maximums for specific products so that your pricing structure remains as you intended.

Speed Up Checkouts

With our automated discounts you can avoid manually entering discounts on every single line of a transaction and speed up the checkout process.

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A POS For Health and Wellness

VitaHealth POS helps you easily manage the day-to-day so you can focus on growing your profits, and helping your customers achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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